About Auntie Kiki, Kenny, Crazy.

About Auntie Kiki, Kenny, Crazy.

Hello there! 

It's been a hot minute since I was able to sit down behind a computer. Let's clarify.. and just let my thoughts flow freely. 

From going to my first market to getting orders out, to trying to stay ahead of the game. I need a wine just thinking about it. But, I thought it was time I would introduce myself a bit better. 

My sweet littles call me many things; Auntie Kiki, Auntie Kenny, Auntie Crazy. We'll get into how I got the Auntie Crazy title maybe another day... Anywho, my littles are what fills my cup the most. If you read my previous blog you may have read some of the reasons why. 

But before I was an Auntie, I was just Kendal. With no title. Boring. Kidding, let's flash back a bit. I was raised in a small community in Central Alberta called Amisk. As my Hunny would say "from the sticks" but I wouldn't of traded it for anything. I had many hobbies growing up such as starting my very first business; Kenny's Cupcakes. Maybe this is what started the passion for running a business. I loved to cook and bake and was frequently in the kitchen quite often with my sweet Momma. I had many loves such as painting, crafting, hunting, and so forth. 

Flash forward a few years and you could find me in Red Deer, Alberta taking my Social Work Diploma. Ive had a passion for giving back my entire life, this has only fostered into something so much more. I then became a Registered Social Worker. I had a background of experience working with various populations and hold memories in my heart dearly. 

As the years went on I found myself lacking... lacking in creativity. I found I was very limited in what I was able to do and how I wanted to do things. So I asked myself, "how can I fill my cup up while giving back, expressing my creativity,  making connections, and grow?" The long-winded question that I wasn't sure I had an answer to. I then decided I should just go back to school and completely wing it. So I went back to school for a short while to take my Wedding and Event Planning Certificate through Mount Royal University. This is a whole other thing I got going on. I mean, I guess I like to be busy? 

Lauren Scott Events then was developed while being alongside my best friend, Cody Scott. We like to juggle a few things but continuously are working on Lauren Scott Events to get things finalized and running! 

During this time period, I moved to another small town in Central Alberta. I moved to Rosalind. Now, I never quite saw myself moving back to a small town but life decided to take me that way after I met my hot "hubby." He's a farmer, that is also life throwing a curve ball at me because I never would have expected to fall for a farmer. Man, I was wrong. I love this life I live and I love being able to share my sweet "hubs" farm life dream with him. 

After the move, I decided to step away from the Social Work life for a bit and become a full-time farm wife. I mean, I love to cook, but don't overly love cleaning (but like things clean) or laundry (but keep buying more clothes)..but doesn't the cooking part balance it out? I think I fit the part well. 

Being at home full-time, I got bored. SURPRISE. Going from working two jobs in the summer to not a whole bunch can make a gal go crazy. So, I developed Soulfully Sweet Co. Now, this little business has truly been on my mind for many years. I was just too damn scared to take the first step. With the support of my people, I managed to take the first step. 

From here on out I am now constantly working on my businesses, soaking up family time, and making many connections with many amazing people. 

And I wouldn't trade my crazy life for anything. 




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