Auntie Kiki, Auntie Kenny, whatever my sweet littles call me this is all for you. 

I have always had a love for clothes and an addiction to shopping. When I started to gain some sweet littles in my life this only added to it. 

Over the years my love for littles has grown tremendously. Back in the day, I grew up with younger cousins, I worked in education, and in social work; this has only made my love for littles flourish into something unexplainable.  

I have had Soulfully Sweet Co. on my mind for years but it has come time to really make it happen. I am passionate about business, littles, and giving back. This is one way I thought I could mix them all together. 

So thank you for being here and I can't wait to bring you along with me on this crazy journey with my family. 


Photo by: Payton Watts Photography

Our Story

Soulfully Sweet Co. is a family based business in Central Alberta. Growing up we were so lucky to have each other and over the years our family of six has expanded. Each sibling has a part in this small business which makes Soulfully Sweet Co. so whole. We have learned over the years that we just function better together.

Our focus for Soulfully Sweet Co. is built upon offering the sweetest products for the sweetest littles. Putting our minds together we have connected with and will continue to connect with the best brands for your little sweeties. 

With the support of amazing parents that the littles now call GG and Gramps, loving in-laws, family, and friends, dreams are coming true.