Being An Auntie.

Being An Auntie.

Life has never prepared me for the day I became an auntie. 

My sweetest littles refer to me as Auntie Kiki, Auntie Crazy, or Auntie Kenny, and let's just say, I wouldn't change it for the world. Even if I am called crazy once and a while. 

Being an Auntie has taught me so much in life. Each of my sweetest littles has brought me a new perspective oneveryday living. 

My sweet little Kaison Williams has taught me there is no such thing as loving too much. Through the best snuggles and super slobbery kisses, there is always love to give. Learning lesson; love, and love as much as you can.

Benny Bear has taught me to just live in the moment. To take things how they come. For instance, I told him I loved him and I got a "thanks" as he continued playing with his books. Learning lesson; just take things as they are and roll with it. 

I was fortunate enough when I found my 'hubby' that I gained a niece and another nephew. Now, these two littles have brought me nothing but joy. They have taught me that family time, is truly the best time, and just to soak up each moment you get with their bright eyes and full teeth smiles. Learning lesson; you can't get these small moments back, make time for them. 

As I watch my little babes grow it reminds me, time moves too fast. These littles motivate me every day and are a huge reason I achieve the goals I lay for myself. 

Life is constantly changing and I truly can't wait to watch how they all grow, how my life will grow with theirs, and how my business will grow going forward. 



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